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​Do I have to move everything away from the wall when you come and spray? 
No, however the more area that gets treated, the better the treatment will be so if some of the small clutter was removed it would be helpful. 

Why should i hire a professional when i can do it myself?
A professional knows the habits, food preferences and harborage areas of the pest he is treating, has the latest and most effective products and the education to get the job done right. Knows how to handle the products, where and when to place them and how much to use. 

How long should it take to see results? 
Results will vary depending on the pest that is being targeted, but results should be rapid and long lasting with ongoing service. 

Why treat the outside of my home? 
Bugs live and breed outside then enter your home. If you can control them outside, it prevents them from coming into your home. 

Why does it take more than one treatment for fleas and ticks and bed bugs? 
Fleas, ticks and bed bugs have different life cycles in which they don't respond to treatments. Therefore a 2nd treatment is required. 

Why is it better to bait ants than to just spray for them? 
Baiting ants is more effective because the ants will take that bait to the colony and kill the whole colony. When you spray your just killing the ants you see and not the ones you don’t see. Some species of ants will divide their colony making the problem worse. 

Why should I continue to have pest control when I don’t see any bugs? 
Ongoing pest control is a preventive solution to pest control. With no pest control, insects and spiders can rapidly come back and take over making it harder to control in the future.

Norfolk Pest Control Questions Answered

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